Our Team


Mr. Vinod Joshi is the Managing Director of ASK Management Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. located at Baroda. He is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in industry and business.

He began his career at TATA Motors (Pune). There he was provided with high level of training in technical as well as management areas. He was sent to Germany from TATA Motors to learn about Quality Management and Techniques.

Twenty years back, he started in the field of management consultancy and became a founder member of Eicher Consultancy Services. He was invited to Taiwan by Asian Productivity Council to take part in a conference and training on plant layout and JIT. Two years later he started his own management consultancy company - ASK Management Consultancy Services. The word ASK represents ATTITUDE, SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE. For the past several years, he has been contributing his bit to the work done in India, in the field of Total Quality Management, ISO 9000 implementation, ISO 14000 implementation, QS 9000, Business Process Re-engineering, Workplace Improvement, Strategy & Planning, Marketing Management, Balanced Scorecard, Quality Function Deployment, Leadership and many more areas.

He has always been striving to broaden his knowledge base. In this quest for knowledge, he went to the United States in 1995 to learn more on Business Process Reengineering and QS 9000.

In 1999, he was invited by the Government of Japan to attend a seminar on ‘Gemba Kaizen’. All this knowledge is being put to the best use in supporting clients with whom he always work hand in hand. He has provided consultancy to a large number of organizations. Several multinationals, large Indian companies, many medium sector organizations all over India have taken support from ASK Management Consultancy Services (P) Ltd.

His consulting practice has worked nearly all industry segments like heavy & light engineering, Chemical industry, Continuous Process industry, Packing and packaging, Plastic industry, Capital goods manufacturing, food and FMCG, Hospitality, distributing and selling etc.

His other activities include developing Quality Systems Management software called ‘QA2’ which has been installed in many companies. ‘Cost of Quality’ is the next software in the line ready for installation.

As a speaker he has trained more than thousands of people by now, many of them have been Chairman, M.D., E.D. , members of board and top management team, as well as other professionals & workers.

Recently, ASK Management has begun helping Indian industries implement Six Sigma practices and Balanced Score-card for Vision and Mission Deployment.

ASK Management Consultancy Services have more than 200 training programs designed, developed and delivered covering areas of people development and improvement management for Quality, Efficiency & Effectiveness.


Mr. Ashok Dhasmana is our Associate Consultant working on consulting assignments in the areas of General Management, Strategy and Marketing management.

Mr. Dhasmana is also the Executive Director of Global Institute of Management and Technology, Vadodara, a passionate teacher where he shares his knowledge and experience with students of Management and Practicing Managers.

He has also been a Director in Kensho Knowledge Solutions. Previously, Mr. Dhasmana worked as Vice President of Matsushita Battery India Ltd.

Ashok was earlier the Executive Director of Lakhanpal Ltd. A marketing and distribution Co. of FMCG products He led Lakhanpal Ltd very ably for long time and established efficient and streamlined selling and distribution strategies on nearly pan India basis. He was one of the key team members who led the process of establishing more than 300 thousand outlets of FMCG products. During his tenure in Lakhanpal Ltd, he implemented TQM and ISO 9000 standards in distribution and selling.

Ashok has worked very closely with Japanese in India and has imbibed the work ethos through close interaction with them. He was also a key member of setting up a fully dedicated battery appliance unit with technical input and support from Panasonic Battery, Japan.

Currently, he works with ASK Management Consultancy Services on various consulting assignment and also in his individual capacity provides advisory support to Educational Institutes and N.G.O.s.


Mrs. Kalpana Joshi is a Doctorate in Botany. She was Assistant Professor teaching Botany to graduate students. Kalpana has been with ASK Management Consultancy Services from more than 15 years. She has been involved in preparation of training programs, independently and along with other members, which have been successfully delivered in so many organizations. Mrs. Joshi is also a faculty in the areas of Environment Management. She has conducted several training programs for executives on the subject of Environmental issues and concerns. Currently, Kalpana is actively involved in developing new training programs for our portal ‘ASK Excellence’.