The services on this site are unique in many ways. It is one of the pioneering efforts to bring training and development inputs through well designed programs to working professionals on "wherever I am concept". In addition to training content, the site hosts several interesting features committed to bring a wide variety of learning inputs.

Training programs

The site hosts a large number of training programs which would be expanded on a continued basis to cover a wide variety of subjects, which are very important in a working professional’s career. Many of the training programs feature summarized content which the user can read and gain from it. The training programs are aimed at corporate as well as individual users. The service for each one of them covering the area of training and development are as follows:

Training programs for individuals

If you are an individual professional or are employed in a small organization you could gain tremendously by use of training services by the use of ASK Excellence site. Training inputs in small organizations as well as for individual professionals are difficult to come by as structured training programs are either not available or are too expensive to encourage participation. Using the services of this site will be highly enabling and simple. The services under the training program part of the site for individuals would be as below

  1. Register yourself and take advantage of the free content available in several programs.
  2. Select training programs which you wish to learn and receive training inputs through various modules at your pace, your time and place.
  3. Respond to online questionnaire or quiz and monitor your progress and learning.
  4. Receive a certificate of successful participation at the end of the program.
  5. You can nominate yourself for more than one program at a time and take both of them at your desired pace.
  6. All programs which you subscribe to, remain in your inbox for future reference, if any.

Now, through this site you can gain all the knowledge which is so difficult to get by at a fraction of cost. You neither have to leave your workplace, spend enormous amount of money on tickets, travel and hotel and program fees.

Training programs for corporate

If you are a large organization having a huge employee base, you can train people by using our standard package programs which are listed in the training program page or we can make customized programs for your employees. The services feature the following advantage for the corporate user

  1. Nominate employees for the training program, standard package or customized..
  2. Decide the time, frequency and periodicity per week.
  3. ASK Excellence will beam the program to respective employees as per schedule.
  4. Monitor participation by central function within the organization. The central function will be HRM Dept. or otherwise will act as administrator for the training program.
  5. See progress reports of the employees through online test results.
  6. All programs which you subscribe to, remain in your inbox for future reference, if any.
  7. All employees receive certificate of completion of the program.

This way organizations can make training as one of their main stay of Corporate Strategy and make continuous learning a reality and that also at a small fraction of cost which otherwise would be spend. Needless to say that apart from hotel and travel costs normally associated with seminars and workshops. There are immense savings from the cost of release from work and loss of productive man hours. Organizations can run multiple training programs for different departments, functions and locations simultaneously. We are sure that such organizations would very quickly witness change in culture, employee motivation, improved skills, efficiency, effectiveness and the direct impact they bring on organization’s growth, market share and profitability.