Our Company

For nearly two decades, we have been working on organization and people development. Our consulting practice ranged from helping businesses and their employees handle change, to brining them newer skills and learning in various areas. We would have by now trained several thousand executives working in several organizations to which we provided advisory and consulting inputs.

As we still to work with companies, we realize that there is a need to make continuous learning a constant to handle the rapid change in business and social environment today which companies and individuals are faced with. While for some new learning opportunities are available, still for vast majority of working professionals learning new skills in a structured manner remained out of reach.

Thus came the genesis of ASK Excellence, a service in the form of training and development portal which will make learning inputs available to all those who seek, that also at a affordable cost.

Training and learning in working life is different from education that aims at providing knowledge for deferred use, whereas in working life learning has to be meaningful to meet current and anticipated challenges in a fiercely competitive world.

The service of ASK Excellence is reflective of our passion to enable and widen learning opportunities for individuals at all stages of their career. We believe in partnering with corporates and individuals to enhance skills and develop competencies of their employees. Our programs are simple to comprehend and provide the necessary impetus to reskill people at own pace and choice. This portal will continue to enhance the scale and scope of training inputs on a regular basis.

Our desire to network is strong and we will invite participation from large community of business leaders and professionals to share their views and thoughts. Our Vision and Mission is reflective of our thought to be a constant partner in people development.


To bring learning opportunities to people wherever they are in this changing world and to partner with them in their quest for knowledge and enhanced competencies.


To provide a unique platform for making continuous learning an integral part of professional life through well designed training and development programs covering personal and job related skills for all in ‘Wherever I am concept’.