Posted by admin , on August 23, 2014
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Our Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the bulwark of Indian industrial capabilities. They employ the maximum number of persons; many of them semi-skilled and with limited educational background, but still have the best known skills and capabilities.

The call for India to become the next industrial hub for global manufacturing is really a call to the SMEs to match the best of the world. The message from our PM on 15th August 2014 to become a ‘Zero Defect’ manufacturing base has come as the most exciting challenge to the Indian Industry, more so to our SMEs.

Zero Defects is a mindset, one that will revolutionize our way of thinking, working and dealing with people, products, processes and our environment. It would require learning a new way of looking at our roles, be it of an entrepreneur, a production or marketing executive, a supervisor or as a worker. It goes without saying that it would also require lot of unlearning, like ‘JUGAAD’ and ‘CHALTA HAI’ attitude.

We at ASK Excellence would like to partner in bringing new learning and skills to our industrial workforce and owners so that;

  • New paradigms are understood
  • The zero defect concept is understood and internalized across all business processes, be it specifications, timeliness, packaging, uptime, documentation, aesthetics, cleanliness, systems, controls, responsiveness as well as many other aspects.
  • Owners and entrepreneurs develop mindset and skills for creating a world-class enterprise.
  • Employees are trained to think world-class and work with a Zero Defect approach.
  • Systems, controls and practices are laid down to measure Zero Defect across all organizational processes.
  • Learning the nuances of Customer Care in all dealings.
  • Making and shipping Zero Defect products all the time.

Great opportunities lie ahead of us if we become an organization, which will choose Zero Defect as our Mission and develop Zero Tolerance to ‘CHALTA HAI’ attitude.

ASK Excellence can assist you in making this Mission a reality!